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When discussing about what book meaning really is, the answer is different from one person to another. And this is okay; everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding everything they see. Some will use a materialistic perspective to define what a book really is. Some would even go even deeper to explain what books really are to them. And there is no wrong answer; this is a matter of highly subjective nature, so, really, one answer does not stand above the answer in regards to the level of truth contained within each.

To some, book meaning is confined within its physical manifestation. Since human first invented a book, it is always the same: books are a collection of paper pages. On each page is written letters arranged to form words and paragraphs. Information is transferred from generations to generations through this means. People often take books at this face value. At least, this is how they view books until they actually get the chance to read them themselves and understand that books are not mere pages glued together. This is where the latter groups of people stand above the former. Some people view books as something more than that.

To them, books are windows to the world. Having access to books is considered a privilege because of the abundant information within them. An individual capable of reading books and exposed to books frequently is someone who has a wider range of insight and understanding. Their imagination is also considered having Santaipoker developed much better as books have this ability to invite readers to a world that can only exist inside a person’s head. Today, the paradigm has shifted; books are not mere collection of pages glued or stapled together. People can enjoy reading their favorite titles in digital form; which broadens the opportunity of enjoying books regardless of where or when they are. So, what is book meaning to you?

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