Expanding Book Definition through Its Function and Role

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Establishing book definition is a thing that is somewhat tricky. A book is a group of paper sheets glued together, forming a stack of pages on which written language takes place. To many, this could perhaps best define what a book is. Books, by this definition, in turn, is mere a means of conveying ideas to other parties. Information travels from one’s head to other’s by simply reading what one writes on a book. As such, books are a learning tool that helps a reader to understand a field of study. This is not wrong, by the way. It’s just that this definition relegates book as something that could possibly render people bored.

A book definition can reach deeper level, much deeper than the above understanding of it. While indeed a book is a collection of pages held together, its contents should be the focus when you try to break down its meaning. As explained before, information can disperse through books. Ideas and messages can jump from one’s head to the other by simply reading a book. You can “see” the other side of the world just by reading a book set to that place. You know how a country’s social and cultural background is simply by reading a book whose stories center on that country.

You can even visit another planet by reading a book on astronomy. See, book definition cannot be confined in its physical form. A book can expand your view toward the world. A book can help you understand Agen Poker Online things that otherwise remain uncovered. And with today’s technological improvement, you can now enjoy a book on your computer. You no longer have to carry thick books everywhere. This fact further disproves the original understanding about what a book is; books are not mere a collection of pages.

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