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To the uninitiated, the phrase “book minecraft” could be confusing. The two words are not by any means related to each other so seeing one paired with the other does not really make any sense. Book is just that; a stack of paper glued together and covered with some type of coverings. Minecraft, on the other hand, is a popular video game title that people love to play. So, really, finding an area of convergence connecting the two seems to be something impossible to do—unless the book is intended to discuss anything related to the Minecraft game.

But in actuality, the term “book minecraft” is a term referring to this one in-game item found on Minecraft. The item is of course in the form of a book constructed from paper and is covered using leather as material. A player can obtain books (normally three) when he/she mines a bookshelf with the absence of silk touch. Alternatively, one can obtain the books simply by destroying a bookshelf with an explosive. One can even craft books after obtaining three sheets of paper and leather. One can also use enchantment tables to enchant the books and turn them into enchanted books.

A player can earn the status of enchanter when he/she constructs and enchantment table using diamonds, a book, and an obsidian. Your status can change to librarian when you improve your enchantment table by constructing bookshelves. Within the gameplay, you may encounter a village librarian. You can hand over your book domino online minecraft to this librarian in exchange of emeralds. Eight or 10 books can earn you one emerald at a time. This gameplay that uses books is available on every version of Minecraft designed for PC, Xbox, PS, Pocket, and Wii U. Specifically on Xbox, you earn 20G of points for every time your status changes to either enchanter or librarian.

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