New and Classic Books on the Ancient Indus Civilization: Some of the Example Books

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If you are interested in learning about the ancient culture and civilization, there are some new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization. These books have their own special subjects, focus, and characteristics. Some of them are worth reading as you can explore your options and preference concerning the topic.

Some of the Possible Books

If you want to look further, you can start with the book ‘In Search of the Cradle of Civilization’ published by the Quest Books in 2001. It mainly focuses on Indian culture and its history. It also describes the Aryan invasion and some of the theories. The coolest thing about the book is the detailed analysis of the theories as well as the facts – followed and finished with good and logical conclusion.

If you are looking for another source of information for the Indian sub continent ancient history, it is a perfect option. Another book ‘Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati’ is another book focusing on the Scientific, archeological, and also mythological aspects of the existence of the Sarasvati River, along with the evidence of researchers and theorists.

These are the new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization that you should read and explore to enrich your knowledge.

If you want to read the relatively new written documents on the Indus civilization and history, try reading ‘Empires of the Indus: The Story of a River”. Not only informative, the book has a very well organized and systematic content – making reading easy to do and comprehend. Alice Albinia, the author, is a traveler that is fluent in Urdu and Hindi. Besides talking about the Indus civilization, it also discusses the Pakistani culture.

Basically, it talks about the importance of a river (as the source of water) for a civilization. Just like the ancient Roman who was able to develop a water channeling system with the aquaduct, a civilization will develop and thrive as long as it is developed around the water source. These are just examples of new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization.

If you want your teenager or kids to start learning about the ancient civilization, you can read ‘Life in the Ancient Indus River Valley’ which was written by Hazel Richardson and published in 2005 by Crabtree Pub Co. This book was developed for kids and teenagers from the age range of 8 years old to 14 years old – accompanied with lovely illustrations and pictures.

The book has a very nice chronological progress, such as the Harappan civilization as the starter to the Aryan conquest and also Buddhism introduction to the civilization. This is the example of how the new and classic books on the ancient Indus civilization can be useful for the younger generation credit : Agen bola Online

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