Advantages Of Classic Books Compared To Digital Books

By / August 26, 2017 / Book

In recent years, the book publishing I the world has begun the arrival of new ripples. What is that? Yes, none other than digital books. What is the digital paper? A digital book or electronic book in an electronic version of the book. When a printed or classic book is a sheet of papers, a digital book is a file or content displayed on a digital screen. But the classic book does not lose its fans. By reading the classic book, we do not get tired quickly. These because the printed book does not emit light, to read book depending on the source of lighting we use.

Maybe for someone reading published book by turning pages is a preoccupation. Likewise, with the distinctive aroma of paper makes people feel they were really ‘read.’ Different from the digital book, because to read a digital book we need special tools such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Digital books can only be displayed on a monitor screen which of course has its light source. Direct lighting from the book page to the eyes makes the eyes tired quickly. It even requires particular ways and human resources that have unique skills to be able to obtain digital books with good quality and the equivalent of the classic book.

The current classic book is still fun to buy and read. Especially because reading it does not quickly make eyes tired. If the prices of printed books are high, this can not avoid, unless all parties concerned can find a practical solution that can reduce the cost of production and distribution. With the percentages of readers and books used more in schoolchildren and students, indeed efforts to popularized the book make more sense if the price was affordable. However, classic book sill has the top quality reading than digital books.

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